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Waterproofing your basement has become one of the most popular methods to prevent the water from the outside to leaks through moisture to accumulate in that area.

Metro Plumbing and Drains has a strong team of experts that have mastered basement waterproofing as well as other plumbing related services.

Our company offers all of our services throughout the entire Greater Toronto Area, including Pickering Ontario.

What is basement waterproofing?

Waterproofing is one of the best techniques used by our experts all over the GTA and Pickering to prevent the water from entering your basement for any residential property. Accumulation of excessive water and moisture creates dampness that is dangerous to health of the occupants and damages the property.

The main reasons as to why the water enters your property.

    There are several reasons as to why the water enters your property.
  • - Heavy rains and floods accumulates the water causing the water to leak trough the window wells as well as the gaps and cracks in the walls. Houses that are located on slanted ground are more at risk during the rainy periods.
  • - Leaking pipes in the walls are also one of the major causes, as the concrete walls and floors tent to absorb the moisture creating the unwanted dampness
  • -Lack of ventilation in the basement area increases the level of humidity causing the moisture to build up.

Why use professional plumber?

Many homeowners have tried to waterproof their basements themselves, and majority have been unsuccessful. Waterproofing requires special training and knowledge to achieve proper results, and is not recommended to treat this as “do it yourself project” especially with no previous plumbing experience. Our team of professional plumbers services the entire Pickering guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

Our company provides very flexible scheduling system and operates through the entire area of GTA and Pickering Ontario.

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